“The Welcome Song”

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Music, lyric & orchestrations by Matheson Bayley

Lyric to “The Welcome Song!”

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Verse 1
We’re here to welcome you [Alternative, if it’s a revue: "Welcome to our revue!"]
Willkommen, bienvenue
 Be our guest and take a seat
In Bucharest that’s “Bun venit”
“Oso oseyo”! …or so they say in Pyongyang
In Indonesia it’s easier: “Selamat datang”
Bienvenidos to our show
That’s “Yōkoso” in Tokyo, you know!
They say “chào mừng” in Vietnamese
 Miss Saigon!
Or “Chairete” from Socrates
 Dead and gone!
Swahili: “Karibu”
 In Hebrew:
“Brukhim ha-baim”
 ...No, these lyrics aren’t as easy as they seem!
“Fùnyìhng” in Cantonese
 In Hong Kong
“Bem-vindos” — Portuguese
 Sing along!
“Dobro požalovat’” in Moscow
 Dr. Zhivago!
In Istanbul it’s “Hoş geldin”
In Mandarin: “Huānyíng guānglín”
So mirë se vjen
And then ahlan wa sahlan
 To the show!
 And that was...?
 “Welcome” in Albanian and Arabic!
 Any other languages?
Well, my Apache may be patchy, but I believe it’s “Yaa’ ta sai’
 I’m pretty certain I’m right!
No, in Czech it’s “Vítáme vás
 Ooh! What about American sign language…?
 Well, I suppose I could try my hand at that:
 To welcome a guest
You make an arc from your head to your chest!
Verse 2
“Yin dee dtôn ráp” in Thai
And now my Māori — “Nau mai”
 Here’s a test to make you sweat:
In Budapest it’s “Üdvözlet”
 If you applaud then we may sing some more
So, “vaanga, vaanga” in Sri Lanka and in Singapore
 We’ll make you feel at home
Then in tutti: “Benvenuti” when in Rome
 We’re quite a polyglottal lot
Cebuano: “Maayong pag-abot”
 And now for some Croat
 Yes, we’ll have a go at
 That too…
Hajde, poslušajte ovu
 Toplu dobrodošlicu” to you and you!
 Although King Tut is dead
Em hotep”’s what he said
 So hieroglyphics read
 Long ago!
 O fair Pharaoh!
In Latin, they’d say “Salvete”
So ixnay on the elcome-way
Swagatam” to Nepal
 We welcome you — one and all —
 To our…
 Showing off ev’ry language we know
 Ev’ry single tongue
 It’s the impenetrable, intricately interlingual way to go
 Multilingually sung
Say “Fáilteau cabaret
 Quite a feat of translation
 We greet ev’ry nation
 And pray
 That you will
Verse 3
 One “Welcome” isn’t much
But “Welkom, Welkom”’s Double Dutch
Velkomin — a striking Viking “hello”!
 Take ya pick from Reykjavík and Oslo!
 In Greece, though they may speak to me
“Kalós orísate”’s all Greek to me!
 You know, you could welcome them backwards, which is “ee-mok-lew”…
 …Or in Morse code, anyone…?
It’s “Tunngasugitsi” in Inuit Eskimo
Esperanto — “Bon venon” — and then on we go
 To finish in Finnish:
With “Tervetuloa”
Ongi etorriak,
Sveiki atvykę,
Dalal ak diam,
Khōsh āmadīd,
Ẹ ku abọ,
 …to our show!
Aloha — Honolulu
Ngiyanemukela in Zulu
“Dit dah dah, dit, dit dah dit dit, dah dit dah dit”
 ...to our show!

Copyright © Matheson Bayley 2010