Music, Lyric & Orchestrations

Matheson Bayley

Performed by (in alphabetical order)


  • Oliver Lewis

    Oliver Lewis — Violin

  • ▹ Matheson Bayley —
    • Piano,

    • Flute, Clarinet, Alto & Tenor Saxophones,

    • Shakuhachi, Dizi, Bansuri, Flageolet, Guanzi (管子),

    • Tenor Horn and additional Trumpets & Trombones

    • Erhu (二胡) and additional Violins (Pontian, Arabic & Western),

    • English Concertina, Mbira and additional Percussion,

    • Mandolin, Oud, Guitar, Bouzuk, Ukulele & Koto
  • Andreas Bick samples — Balalaika
  • ▹ Other instruments courtesy of Best Service, 8dio (formerly Tonehammer) & Audiobro

Recorded at

Berry Street Studio, London; engineers: Luke Billing & Kevin Porée

Violin & additional vocals recorded at

The Limehouse Recording Studio, London - Rupert Pfaff; engineer: James Aparicio

Musical Direction

Matheson Bayley

Mixed by

Kevin Porée & Matheson Bayley

Linguistic & Phonetics Consultants

An enormous thank you to each of the following extraordinarily helpful individuals, without whose expertise and generosity the lyric to "Welcome!" would undoubtedly have been riddled with many a linguistic solecism:

Ancient Egyptian, Hieratic* & Coptic*Dr John W Tait, Edwards Professor of Egyptian Archaeology and Philology at the Institute of Archaeology (present incumbent), UCL &
Dr Richard Bussmann, Lecturer in Egyptian Archaeology/Egyptology & Degree Programme Co-ordinator for the Masters in Egyptian Archaeology, UCL
Ancient GreekDr Mike Edwards, Director, Institute of Classical Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London
BengaliDr Mayurika Chakravorty, SOAS, London
CroatianDr Ivana Vrtič, SSEES, UCL
FinnishDr Riitta-Liisa Valijärvi, SSEES, UCL
HungarianDr Daniel Abondolo, Reader in Hungarian, SSEES, UCL
IndonesianDr Ben Murtagh, SOAS, London
Dr Alana Johns, Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto &
Dr David Burman, University of Toronto
KoreanDr Anders Karlsson, Chair, Centre of Korean Studies & Mrs Kyung Eun Lee, Senior Lector in Korean, SOAS, London
LatinDr Charles Weiss, Faculty of Classics and Fellow and Director of Studies in Classics at Clare College, University of Cambridge
Mohican* / Mahegan* (Algonquian* languages generally)Dr David H Pentland, Department of Linguistics, University of Manitoba, Canada
NepaliDr Michael J Hutt, SOAS, London
Sign Language (American & British*)Byron Campbell, MRSLI, FASLI, former chair & current Professional Development Secretary of the Association of Sign Language Interpreters, and Head Interpreter, Sign Solutions, UK — Britain’s leading provider of communication services for Deaf and hard of hearing people; and Louise Stern, author of Chattering, see: Intelligence Squared Interview with Louise
TamilSanthanam Swaminathan, professor of Tamil at SOAS, London, and Cambridge examiner
ThaiDr David Smyth, SOAS, London
VietnameseDr Joshua Black, PhD student at SOAS, London
ZuluMs Carola Mostert, Teaching Fellow, SOAS, London

Other linguistic help

  • Dr Lutz Marten, Reader in General and African Linguistics, SOAS, London, for putting me in contact with Carola Mostert
  •, for providing the Digohweli font for the Cherokee* language
  •, for points on orthography and general inspiration

Special thanks to

  • Jerry Olson
  • Bryony Growdon
  • Karen Rabinowitz
  • Liz Bayley
  • Susan Bayley
  • Andrew Adams

* Languages marked with an asterisk were included in an earlier draft of the lyric, but unfortunately didn't make their way into the finished song.